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50cc Dosing Syringe

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Many beekeepers are using Oxalic Acid to treat for Varroa mites. This is a naturally occurring acid found in plants that has been proven to be up to 95% effective in killing varroa mites in honey bees. It is a treatment that became popular in Europe and Canada and is now being used in the United States (it has been approved by the EPA for treatment of honeybees in some, but not all states – Check with local authorities). There are 3 different methods for treating with Oxalic Acid with the ‘solution method’ being the most effective. The solution method requires the use of a dosing syringe and we carry one of the best on the market!

This dosing syringe is a 50cc pistol-grip syringe with tough plastic barrel and easy dosage adjustment, all in one light-weight instrument. To adjust the dosage, simply slide the indicator up and down, left and right, until the pin is next to the desired dosage (from 1cc to 5cc). To load the syringe, squeeze the trigger handle repeatedly to advance the inner plunger rod as far as it will go, to the end of the barrel. Put a needle onto the syringe tip and insert into the medication vial. While holding the needle and vial steady with one hand, use the other hand to pull the plunger rod back by gripping the packing adjustment screw. Pull back until the plunger stops, or until the desired amount of medication has filled the barrel. Now, it is ready to use!

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