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Cedar and Molded Aluminum 8-frame Hive Top

Item# 20432

Size: 1 Each

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Our 8-frame telescoping top is unlike anything else on the market. Made from premium western cedar and molded aluminum, these tops will last for many years while looking great in the process.

Using cedar components in your beehive provides many advantages. Not only does cedar contain natural tannins that protect against rotting and decay, but it is extremely sustainable. If cared for properly, cedar hive components can last for decades which means less use of other natural resources.

To create the unique and attractive top portion, we use heavy-duty molded aluminum and wrap it in white, BPA free PVC plastic coating for durability. It is domed slightly in the middle with 1" eaves around all four sides, both of which allow for easy run off of rain and moisture. This metal top is securely attached to the cedar frame without any gaps or holes.

We recommend using this telescoping top in combination with our 8-Frame Assembled Cedar Inner Cover. This combination prevents comb and propolis build-up between the top of the frames and top of the hive. It also allows for easier inspections with less disruption to the rest of the hive.

Unlike other softwood frame telescoping tops, cedar can be left unpainted to weather naturally over time developing a beautiful natural grey patina. Alternatively, the wood portions can be sealed with a coat of pure Tung oil. These tops come completely assembled and ready-to-use.

Our 8-frame cedar and molded aluminum tops measure 17 1/2" wide x 23 1/4" long x 2 1/2" tall and fit on 8-frame hives.

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