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Wholesale Beekeeping Supplies

Wholesale beekeeping supplies for sideliners and professionals. We offer high-quality products to last you years to come. Our selection features common goods—such as everyday beekeeping tools and equipment—as well as numerous small items you may need. This includes replacement parts and professional beekeeping equipment and tools you will only find through a honeybee supplier. With over 40 years of experience, trust GloryBee for hives, frames, foundation, extractors, smokers, supers, and more. View all our wholesale beekeeping supplies below to find what you’ve been looking for. If you have questions regarding any products listed, please feel free to reach out to us.


  1. Drum gasket
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  2. Sturdy Bung Wrench
  3. Standard 4-cleat migratory top. Tongue and groove construction. Made of top quality pine.
  4. Standard 4-cleat migratory bottom. 3/8 opening. Tongue and groove construction. Made of top quality pine.
  5. This 8 frame hive top feeder is made from an extremely durable hard, white and seamless plastic. It won’t leak or warp and is almost unbreakable (it would take a lot to break this feeder). It holds approximately 1/2 gallon of liqu
  6. Easily mark your queens with a small dot on their back (thorax) in order to quickly locate them inside the hive and track their age. In addition marking queens makes it easy to see if they've been replaced or track when spli
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  7. When working your bees, it's important to have a smoker that works for an extended amount of time. A key element to making sure your smoker works long enough, is to use the right smoker fuel. Some smoker fuels are...
  8. We know how time consuming and frustrating it can be to get every last drop of your sweet honey out of the extractor or pail. This handy little tool will help cut down on the time and frustration. Light-weight and easy-to-grip, you can use it to scrape...
  9. These zippered replacement veils fit on any of our bee suits and jackets (heavy-duty and ventilated). If your veil is lost or damaged but your suit or jacket is still in good shape, this will work great for you...
  10. The hive top feeder is made from an extremely durable, hard, black plastic and comes with a white metal lid. It holds one gallon of liquid and sits on top of the inner cover in the hive.  It measures 20.5” in circumference by 8.5” tall. Extra lids can be
  11. Our 100% western cedar 8-frame inner covers are made out of premium wood sourced from North America. We kiln dry the wood used for this inner cover to ensure consistent moisture while minimizing warping and cracking.

There are many advantages of using
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  12. If you live in a colder climate, an inner cover is an essential part of your hive especially during the winter and spring. Not only does an inner cover provide extra protection for your bees during rainy and cold weather, it also provides your bees with t
  13. Assembled Telescoping Top
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