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220lb Stainless Steel Honey Storage Tank

Item# 19848

Size: 1 Each

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One of the least expensive of its kind, this stainless steel honey tank is perfect if you’ve extracted and filtered your honey, but don’t want to bottle it right away.

This honey tank holds approximately 220 lbs. of honey or 18 gallons.  Made from an extremely durable food-grade stainless steel with welded construction, this tank comes with a removable stainless steel lid that clamps securely to the tank.

Featuring two handles on each side allowing for easier lifting, the tank has an attached 1 1/2” plastic honey gate.  Made from a durable, food-grade plastic (color may vary) and features a handle that smoothly lifts up and down.  When not in use, the handle is secured with a thumbscrew to prevent the honey from leaking out.  You will find that freshly harvested or slightly warmed honey will effortlessly flow from this gate.   For slightly warming your honey to keep it flowing smoothly, we recommend using this tank in conjunction with our stainless steel immersion heater. Heating your honey too hot will destroy healthy enzymes.

Measures 25.25" tall x 16" in diameter.  Can be cleaned with warm, soapy water.

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