Beekeepers of all skill levels will utilize a few essential tools to keep their bees happy and healthy. Whether you're looking to grow your first colony or improve the beekeeping equipment collection you already have, here are five essential pieces of beekeeping equipment to use with your hive.

A smoker

Bee hive smokers are an essential tool for every beekeeper, young and old alike. You can use your smoker to deter bees from coming near you, but this tool does more than just heard your bees: it can also be used to make aggressive bees more docile. This works because it will convince bees that there is a wildfire is nearby. As such, they will begin to prepare for an impending move, making the bees eat more and become too heavy to fly and sting you.

The smell exuded by the smoker will also work to mask the smell of alarm pheromones. If you start to smell bananas, the strongest scent associated with this alarm pheromone, smoke your hive to calm down your bees. After all, a honey bee can fly up to 15 miles per hour, making them difficult to outrun.

A bee brush

Directing bees away from the comb of honey you hope to collect can be more difficult than you'd expect. Instead of swiping away these potentially angry bees with your hand, use a comb or brush to gently move them away. Of course, be sure to use it sparingly since bees aren't fond of the bristles.

A telescoping hive top

Your basic beehive top will deter the worst of the wind or rain, but a telescopic top will work hard to protect your hive from harsh weather. Try choosing a beehive top with eaves that direct water away from your hive.

A queen catcher

When you want to keep your queen away from the hive for a short while, the best thing you can use is a queen catcher. Capturing the queen will keep her safe from getting lost when you go through your hives. It can also aid in catching a swarm.

A hive stand

Hive stands are essential when you want to maintain the longevity and integrity of your hive. While you can store your hive on the ground, utilizing a strong plastic or metal stand will prevent soils, predators, and moisture from infiltrating your hive, especially during times of inclement weather. It also helps you navigate your hives since you won't have to bend over as much.

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