A note from our very own Sustainability Manager, Shandy Carroll

As a sustainability manager, I love numbers. I keep track of and report on the numbers from our utility bills, sponsorship dollars and hours spent volunteering in the community. Sometimes a number is too high, and sometimes it’s too low. I use the previous year’s number to set a benchmark to challenge our team to improve or I send out congratulations for an improvement.

One reason being a B Corp is so helpful is because the assessment provides a road map for sustainable growth and development. Our B Corp score was 88 points, calculated from questions about our environmental practices, labor practices, community involvement and governance structure. We scored well above average in environmental practices, governance and safety.

Our B Corp score encompasses all of the other numbers that I keep track of, and even some that I hadn’t considered before. Every year we will work to improve our score. The B Corp community is an excellent resource, helping us to improve our sustainability policies and continue being a force for good in our community and the world.