At GloryBee, serving our community and protecting our environment are central to our business philosophy. This mission extends deeper than the products and services we offer to our health-conscious customers. We believe every aspect of our company should clearly show our commitment to supporting a healthy planet. That is why we are proud to announce CAFETO Coffee Company is now the provider of the coffee we serve our employees in our break rooms.

Roasted Fresh in Springfield, OR, Cafeto strives to find the best coffee beans to share with our local community. We believe the best coffee beans are the ones that are best for our personal health and the health of our planet. We are honored to say Cafeto Coffee Company meets our high-standards regarding sustainable eco-friendly coffee.

  1. Shade Grown- Coffeeplants grown under a canopy of trees promotes a healthy environment. It requires no chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. Carbon dioxide is filtered by the shade trees, which helps with reducing global warming. The shade trees also help with soil moisture retention, which minimizes erosion. Additional benefits are they provide healthy habitats for birds and offer greater biodiversity.
  2. Organic- Certified USDA Organic means no genetically modified coffee beans, no pesticides or herbicides, and no artificial additives. Organic is not only better for our personal well-being, it is better for the bees who help pollinate all our fruits and vegetables.
  3. Fair-Trade- More important than the coffee are the people who grow and farm the coffee. Cafeto coffee beans are supplied by a small farmers’ co-operative called CESMACH, located in the highlands of Chiapas, Mexico. Their Fair-Trade certification guarantees that all the coffee farmers are paid a fair wage and treated with dignity and respect.

Thank you Cafeto for providing us delicious organic Fair-Trade coffee that is good for our planet.