A rain barrel is a great way to capture rainfall from your roof and save it for later use. By attaching a hose or a drip system you can water plants (or wash off muddy pet paws) without using your municipal water resources. It’s also a great way to slow down stormwater runoff from your property and protect local waterways from flooding.

Choose your spot

Pick a downspout near where you will be using the water. Make sure you can both fill up your barrel and also dispose of overflow into the stormwater system. The barrel can sit on even ground or a solid base.

Connect your barrel

a.  Connect the downspout to the barrel using either the existing downspout or a rain chain.

b.  Drill a hole near the top of the barrel for an overflow pipe. The pipe and hole must be at least 2 inches in diameter. Make sure the overflow pipe seals tightly.

c.  Connect the overflow pipe to the stormwater system.

Connect a spigot or hose

If your barrel has no spigot, drill a hole and attach a spigot or hose.

If you are located in Lane County, you can often find these barrels for sale at our Factory Store.