Here are some essential oil blends that will all work to repel those pesky mosquitoes. Really, you could combine all of the essential oils into one blend, but all of those fragrances together may not have the same delightful smell as a few of them put together. Experiment a little; no matter what you do, it will be sure to ward off those tiny pests. Be sure to test a small amount on your skin after mixing to check for irritation or skin sensitivity.


Bug Spray image 2¼ Cup Aunt Patty’s Organic Apple Cider Vinegar
¼ Cup Witch Hazel or Rubbing Alcohol
1 tsp GloryBee Aloe Vera Liquid
2 tsp GloryBee Sweet Almond Oil
Lemon and Eucalyptus Essential Oil Blend (15-30 drops of each)
(or other Essential Oil Blend*)
Spray Bottle
Distilled Water

*Other Essential Oil Blends: 10-25 drops of each

Blend 1: Cedarwood • Eucalyptus • Tea Tree
Blend 2: Citronella • Geranium • Lavender
Blend 3: Geranium • Lemon • Eucalyptus
Blend 4: Oregano • Geranium • Cassia Cinnamon (5 drops)
Blend 5: Lemon • Eucalyptus • Oregano


  1. Combine ingredients in the bottle and shake well.
  2. Fill the bottle the rest of the way with water. Be sure to leave enough room to shake mixture. Shake well before each use.
This bug repellent can be sprayed on clothing or bedding (especially while camping) as well as directly onto the skin. Oils have less staying power than other harsh chemical repellents, so be sure to re-apply every 30 minutes to one hour.