GloryBee offers Non-GMO Project Verified Honey to safeguard honeybees and other pollinators against threats that contribute to declining bee populations. Sourcing is at the forefront of our minds as we strive to be a preferred partner of ingredients for healthy living. We hope to increase awareness and foster education by disclosing the impact GMOs have on the environment we share.

There are no genetically modified bees, or honey, but there are genetically modified plants that are visited by bees every year. Plants that have had their genetic makeup altered to withstand a higher threshold of toxic herbicides have a direct impact on native bee populations. Even in standard applications, herbicides affect a bee’s ability to remember how to return to a hive and communicate nearby sources of pollen to the hive once returned. This is a concern for beekeepers and farmers, as well as anyone who buys, sells or consumes honey.

Our Non-GMO Project Verified Honey has been certified by a third party to ensure bees did not visit a GMO crop, were not fed GMO sugar, and were protected from pesticide exposure. Further documentation confirms a 4-mile radius surrounding beehives is free from all high-risk commercial agriculture. High standards of detection, coupled with sampling techniques at critical control points validate our honey as being Non-GMO Project Verified.