As the summer approaches, many people are preparing to attend parties where: a) they're either expected to bring something, b) there's alcohol involved, or, c) both. During these types of gatherings, preparing your own unique drink such as honey liqueur is the perfect way to celebrate the sun and make sure everybody thoroughly enjoys themselves. Sure, you could buy something at the liquor store, but preparing it yourself makes it extra special. With that being said, here's a quick guide to help you make your own honey liqueur.

Choose Your Honey Wisely

The main ingredient in honey liqueur is obviously honey. There are countless varieties of raw honey to choose from, many of them with different flavor profiles. While clover honey is the most common and tends to be the least expensive, it's also considered to be the mildest variety. If you do choose clover honey, adding a bit of orange zest and cinnamon can help richen the flavor profiles and create a subtle aftertaste. If you aren't a fan of orange, there are countless other natural flavor enhancers, including lemon zest, chamomile, and vanilla. Feel free to get creative!

If you choose a flavored honey or stronger honey, it may be better to skip the extra flavorings because they could negatively affect or overpower the natural taste of the honey itself. But above all, make sure the honey you use is pure 100% raw honey. Make sure it doesn't have any honeycombs, either -- this helps to avoid straining the wax from the liqueur.

Combine With Alcohol

Making honey liqueur is quite simple. Just pour two cups of vodka into a glass jar and add one and a half cups of honey. Gently stir the mixture until the honey dissolves completely. After that, it needs to age for at least a month. Keep it in a cool, dark place and stir it with a wooden or metal spoon at least once a week to ensure maximum quality.

Americans consume about 1.3 pounds of honey per person per year, and there are always creative ways to incorporate delicious raw organic honey into your diet. For more information about bulk honey for sale, contact GloryBee.