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The 10 Most Amazing Honey Bee Facts Ever

You don’t have to be a beekeeper to appreciate the honey bee! This fascinating insect is one of Nature’s most social creatures, and also one of the most unique living organisms on our planet. In the past three decades, honey bees have been dying off. No one is sure of the exact cause for their disappearance. Pesticides, genetically modified crops, parasites and changing climate patterns are all being considered as contributing factors, but more scientific research is needed.

Knowledge is power. The more people learn about the honey bee, the more they will be motivated to take action and protect our pollinators. Here are ten amazing honey bee facts to share with your family and friends to help them truly appreciate the hard-working honey bee. Discover more ways to help honey bees at

Honey Bee Trivia

  1. Honey Bees have 5 eyes- 2 large compound eyes and 3 small simple eyes.
  2. Honey Bee queens lay 1,500 eggs A DAY.
  3. A single bee makes 1/12 teaspoon of honey in its entire lifetime. A typical little 12-ounce honey bear squeeze bottle takes 864 bees to make all the honey that goes inside it.
  4. Bees flap their wings 190 times a second. (That’s over double the 70 times a second the hummingbird flaps its wings)
  5. A honey bee flies 15 miles per hour.
  6. Honey bees keep the inside of their hives at 93 degrees Fahrenheit. (If it’s cold outside, all the bees vibrate their bodies and create body heat to warm up their hive to 93°, and when it’s hot outside, they flap their wings like fans to create a breeze and cool it off.)
  7. Honey bees never sleep!
  8. It takes approximately 1,100 bee stings to be fatal to a healthy adult human.
  9. Honey bees are the ONLY insect that produces food for humans to eat.
  10. Honey bees pollinate approximately 80% of all vegetables, fruit and seed crops in the USA.

4 thoughts on “The 10 Most Amazing Honey Bee Facts Ever”

  • Margie Willis
    Margie Willis May 3, 2017 at 11:54 am

    This Friday will be 2 weeks since getting our 2 different bees. 3 lbs each of Carnolian and Italian bees. We checked on them 3 days later to make sure the queen was released and found 3 queen cups already started in the Italian hive. We are not sure what that means. We will look again later today when it is warmer to check on them.

    • GloryBee

      Thanks for reaching out!

      As long as there are eggs and larva and capped brood, queen cells are natural.

      Be sure to keep an eye on the colony and continue checking for brood and eggs. You’re more or less going to be looking for signs that the queen is failing. If there is a good amount of brood, your hive is queen right and it’s nothing to be worried about!

  • Ed

    Interesting I am a new beekeeper and have much to learn willbe back often

  • Stephen Dawson
    Stephen Dawson July 23, 2018 at 6:49 am

    Very interesting but there's one mistake in the trivia. Honey Bees do sleep. They don't have circadian rhythms like ours so we rarely notice when they sleep. They consolidate memories while they sleep like we do and it's hypothesised that they might even dream but that hasn't been substantiated.


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