Honey is a sweet, natural nectar that adds a more unique flavor to dishes than sugar. For people who appreciate mixing complementary flavors for an interesting culinary experience, honey goes well with several different foods. These are some of the best foods to pair with your favorite honey on your day off.


Some cheeses have a naturally intense flavor that sometimes challenges people’s taste buds. On the opposite end of the spectrum, honey is typically mild and sweet. Combining the bold and subtle notes of both flavors creates balance for the palate. Salty and sweet have always gone well together, and they’re easy to enjoy on a neutral food such as bread or crackers for delivery.

You’re also welcome to adjust your cheese selection based on your preferences. Strong cheeses such as goat cheese or mild ones such as brie can dance to honey’s tune on your tongue.


People tend to enjoy a certain amount of fat in snacks and in meals such as sandwiches. Whether this comes in the form of mayonnaise or butter is up to personal preference and the type of dish. In any case, mixing honey with butter creates a delectable combination that’s welcome on things such as breakfast buns, oatmeal, and ice cream. Honey butter is fairly flexible depending on how you balance the ratio of both ingredients.

Bitter Orange

The bitter orange is a challenging fruit for many people. However, the sweetness that honey provides is a perfect partner to the tones of this fruit. Much like the earliest recordings of candy, which were combinations of fruit and honey, the bitter orange is a wonderfully satisfying partner to honey. Letting the fruit soak in a vat of wholesale organic honey or drizzling the honey over the fruit before consumption are both acceptable means of enjoying this delicate mix of flavors.

Honey is a wonderful product of nature that mixes comfortably with many food groups. There’s no limit or rule to what you’re allowed to mix honey with—feel free to explore new combinations in search of new culinary pleasures! By considering some of these best foods to pair with your favorite honey, you’re sure to find a new favorite snack for your lounging weekends.