Poruing Pollen

While this has been an interesting and overall positive experience thus far, there are some downsides. I’m over the smell of this stuff. I got breakfast in just fine but when I went to add some more water to my bottle of puree and got a good whiff I did not have a great time. I think it’s probably a combination of appetite fatigue and being very full from drinking 3 pints of liquid in a couple of minutes (1 pint of pollen puree, ½ pint of water added to rinse the glass, 1 pint of water, psyllium husk, and creatine, and ½ pint of water to rinse that too), but it wasn’t fun.

I was wondering how long it’d take me to get to that point and I’m glad it takes me less than a minute to get in a meal and then it’s over with - if I had to eat my puree by the spoonful like soup I would have quit by now. I think it’s important to remember that this is an experiment - I’m not going to call it a diet because it’s neither smart nor sustainable in the long term. It does meet my daily nutrition needs in a better way than many foods you can buy off the shelves in the store, but it’s not something I’ll be able to do for a longer period of time.

While I still feel well sated in between doses of pollen (and this experiment has highlighted how my snack cravings are largely mental), I would be a liar if I said I was enjoying my meals - it’s fuel, not fun. That said, my energy levels are still high and I feel better than I expected to by this point in time - actually, I feel pretty good. I’ve been walking on my breaks like I usually do and then doing more walking during lunch as I now have an extra 29 minutes and 15 seconds to spare, been putting good work in at the gym, and want to make time to train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu this weekend to see how my energy levels last in that setting. I’m guessing I’ll either be able to roll a little longer or I’ll wind up gassed out, face down getting smashed into the mats by my training partner while crying and throwing up pollen. We’ll see!

Important: Before starting this experiment, Jason carefully coordinated with his health care professional to ensure his own safety and nutritional needs would be met. We always recommend checking with your doctor before making any changes to your lifestyle or diet. We do not recommend pollen as a single source of nutrition.