Jason with pollen in bowl of fruitI have to say, it was a little strange going back to real (real-ish, we ate breakfast at a Waffle House) food Tuesday morning. I could probably have stuck it out a few more days but I learned what I set out to learn without the whole thing turning into a sideshow. I knew from the beginning that this was not a smart or sustainable way of eating, so returning to something a little more workable in the long term was inevitable, and I can’t say I was sorry to do so.

I got to spend the week sharing my experiences with people at ABF, some of whom were fascinated, and some of whom thought I was out of my mind. I made improvised pollen soda that I thought tasted halfway alright (Julia described it as “disgusting”) though I’m not a soda drinker so a thimbleful was all the sugar I could handle for the day, and liberally sprinkled my remaining travel pollen on anything that suited my fancy. I did my best to eat fairly cleanly and keep up my exercise during a long week, but I actually felt better while eating all that pollen! I’m keeping an eye on how I feel in the coming few weeks and working on how to integrate pollen into my diet in a more sensible way. I’m also sending some of the surpluses to a few of my former kitchen brothers, and we’re all going to see what we can come up with by way of making pollen taste good.