Today is national “Bike to Work Day 2017”. Established in 1956 by the League of American Bicyclists, National Bike to Work Day is an opportunity to reconnect with those feelings of freedom you experienced as a kid as you sped down a hill at top speed and rediscover the many benefits that cycling offers. It’s time to leave your car at home, grab your helmet and hop on your bike—get that body moving!

“Don’t ride a bike to add days to your life. Ride a bike to add life to your days!”

GloryBee’s Top 3 reasons to bike to work

  1. Clean Air
    Breathe in that fresh air. Unlike cars, bikes don’t emit harmful greenhouse gases. According to the Union of Concerned Scientists, motor vehicles account for 30% of all greenhouse gas emissions. Most cars emit more than one pound of CO2 per mile, but a cyclist only breathes out .02 ounces. Bicycles don’t use fossil fuels, use significantly less energy to make and maintain than a car, and don’t require toxic batteries or motor oil.
  2. Healthy Living
    According to the World Health Organization, people should get 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week. People who bike to work are four times more likely to get 150+ minutes of exercise per week than car commuters. Cycling burns incredible amounts of calories- as much as jogging, but without as much harmful impact on your joints. In addition to burning calories, cycling helps lower you blood pressure, build up muscle tissue, and improves your cardio-vascular system.
  1. Money
    Most Americans spend over $2,000 per year on gas and over $10,000 on fuel, insurance, parking and maintenance! Bikes cost less than $1,000 and average about $60 a year in maintenance costs—and if you’re handy with tools, you can do the bike tune-ups and repairs yourself. In addition, when you bike to work, you improve your health-resulting in less sick visits to the doctor and avoiding outrageous medical bills.

“When in doubt, pedal it out!”