In today’s fast-paced world, most people you meet expect instant gratification. “I want this now and I don’t want to work for it myself.” There seems to be a sense of entitlement sweeping the nation. You can find this mindset among most groups of people you encounter, but you won’t find this to be true for beekeepers.

Beekeepers are traditionalists who believe their efforts determine their results. They are respectful-- they respect nature and they respect people. They know things have been done for thousands of years for a reason, and they’re not out to reinvent the wheel.

If you’re a beekeeper, you know the protective clothing and gear that beekeepers require. What you might not know is that there are some new twists on the old standards that might help take your traditional beekeeping efforts to the next level.

    1. Vented Bee SuitsVented Bee Jackets and Suits – Have you ever put your canvas jacket or suit on and noticed that the sweat started rolling off of you in minutes? Vented Bee Suits not only keep the bees out, they let the heat from your body out too. The purpose of bee suits is to keep you comfortable, whether it is comfortable by not being in pain from bee stings, or comfortable by not being overheated in a suit that doesn’t breathe easily. Perfect for a sunny or humid day, vented bee suits can give you the confidence you need to work safely with your bees while keeping you cool, so you get the most satisfaction out of working with your bees.


    1. Plastic Hive Tops – Beekeepers aren’t the only ones who need to keep cool in the summer; bees need to be comfortable too. Plastic hive tops have multiple benefits—they keep your hives cool in the summer and help with moisture in the winter. If you are using a wooden top, the chances are that it gets wet and water-logged during the winter and spring seasons. Plastic Hive Tops are the perfect solution to the problems of overheating and excessive moisture. The beauty of plastic hive tops is they overhang the hive and shed water, and their small ridges have the bonus benefit of creating additional hive ventilation.


  1. J-Hook Hive Tool – Although this isn’t new, every beekeeper is looking for tools that help make their job easier. The J-Hook Hive Tool is a great addition to the tools you take with you on the visits to your bee yard. Versatile and handy, the J-Hook Tool is great for lifting frames that are encased in propolis. The beauty of the J-Hook is the J-shaped hook and notch on the end of the tool. It acts as a lever to lift the frames up without damaging them and makes hive inspections easier. The other end of the tool has a beveled, sharp edge that can be used to scrape unwanted wax and propolis build-up within your hive. The J-Hook Hive tool should be a standard tool in any beekeeper’s tool box.

These three beekeeping supplies are sure to improve the enjoyment you receive from working with your bees by keeping you and your bees comfortable. Modern materials and designs help your hives last longer while maintaining the spirit of traditional Beekeeping.