Honey is an important part of many people’s daily diets. Whether for their morning tea or the baked goods they make in the morning, adding it is a surefire way to sweeten something. There is a variety of honey to take advantage of, and knowing the best ones to put into drinks and foods is important. It’s worth considering what grade of honey your restaurant should use.

White Honey

White honey is typically light and mild in terms of flavor. With these subtleties in mind, white honey is ideal as a topping and is perfect for baking, as it does not take over the flavor. For anyone looking for a delightful array of flavors without getting overwhelmed by a sweet buzz, it’s worth considering clover blended honey to keep the taste mild but still present in your treats.

Light Amber Honey

While white honey variants like clover honey have soft flavor profiles, light amber honey is the perfect in-between for white and dark amber honey varieties. Light amber honey has a stronger flavor profile and is more present in foods or drinks once added. Wildflower, tropical blossom, and baker’s honey typically fall into this category and are popular ingredients in foods or drinks.

Dark Amber Honey

Dark amber honey is most closely associated with people’s typical thoughts of honey. With strong and rich flavors, this honey grade is perfect for several things, and it’s sweet enough to be a sugar substitute. When stocking up on bulk honey for sale, it’s a good idea to consider dark amber honey for most general needs. Whether it’s added to tea or pastries, dark amber honey has the most noticeable flavor profile out of all honey grades.

Honey is a surprisingly diverse substance that effortlessly finds its way into many restaurants, bakeries, and cafes. The best way to ensure satisfaction is by using the best ingredients, and honey is no exception. When deciding what grade of honey your restaurant should use, it’s worth understanding their differences.