Now that the warm weather is upon is, we are spending more time outside with our family and friends. However, opening our doors to go outside can, unfortunately, let in some unwanted guests into our homes -- the honeybee. Even though these little flying insects can only fly up to 15 miles per hour, they can enter your home in droves and pose a risk to your family members.

15 mphSo, what happens if bees enter your home unexpectedly and create a hive in your walls or your attic? Grab your beekeeping equipment, and read on to find out what you can do!

Step one: Identify exactly what insect is in question.

It is crucial that you figure out what insect is in your home as the solution for removal is quite different depending on the species you are working with. Here are some things to look for as a way to determine if you are dealing with honeybees or any other type of insect:

  • Are there dead insects around? If so, check to see if they are hairy, as this is a sure sign they are honeybees. Yellowjackets, on the other hand, are smooth.
  • Get as close to the nest as you can. Honeybees create a honeycomb pattern out of beeswax, whereas other insects use wood and paper to build their nests.
  • Where is the hive/nest located? Honeybees tend to nest in the walls of the home when yellowjackets and wasps tend to build their nests in holes in the ground, wall cavities, and attics.

Step two: Call up a beekeeper

While it may be tempting to remove the bees from your home yourself, it is important you deal with a professional so the insects are removed safely. These professionals have beekeeping equipment such as specialized beekeeping gloves and bee hive smokers that can work to protect everyone involved while safely and humanely removing the bees from the home.

Step three: Close off any entrances

Make sure to work with the beekeeper in order to close off any entrances that can invite bees into your home. This can be done via patching up holes, adding insulation, and removing plants from around the home so the bees aren't tempted to enter.

While honeybees produce delicious raw honey and bee pollen, it is crucial to keep them away from your home so they can thrive in their natural habitat!