1. Harvested in the rugged and mountainous Galician region of northwest Spain, this pollen has a sweet taste with a soft crunch. Nearly all of the hives are located 2200 feet above sea level where the bees visit plants such as oak, heather, sweet chestnut, r
  2. 99.9% pure l-form menthol crystal pellets. Bulk menthol
  3. The jojoba plant is a shrub that is native to the desert areas of California, Arizona, and Mexico. The hard seed is pressed to make the oil, which is more similar to natural skin oils than other vegetable oils. The oil is generally not intended for food u
  4. Each capsule provides the equivalent of 1000mg fresh royal jelly, 100mg bee pollen, and 100mg propolis. Also contains carob powder and rice powder in a vegetarian capsule. 

Supplement Values:
Concentrated royal jelly - 285mg physical (Equivalent to 10
  5. Whole raw almonds, unblanched and ready to use in your favorite recipes. Carmel almonds are a variety popular for their sweet nutty flavor and "amaretto" aroma.
  6. Whole Dry Roasted Almonds
  7. Oiled Flame Raisins
  8. Active Dry Yeast
    Aunt Patty's
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  9. Made from slow roasted sesame seeds for a rich and smooth flavor. Perfect for cooking stir fry, sauces, dressings, and marinades.
  10. Also known as coconut palm sugar or coconut blossom sugar, our organic coconut sugar is made from the sustainably harvested sap of freshly cut flower buds of coconut palm trees. It has been used as a traditional sweetener for thousands of years in south
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