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Martinis Organic

Organic Whole Pitted Kalamata Olives

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Item# 18907

Size: 4 / 5 Pound

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Martinis Premium Kalamata Olives are imported from sun-drenched Greece.  Quality, freshness, and Greek tradition are the standards for all Martinis Olive products.  The Kalamata olive is a large dark purple olive with a smooth, meaty texture.  They are named after the city of Kalamata in the southern Peloponnese, Greece where they are grown.  

A 4-tablespoon serving of Kalamata olives contains 3.6 grams of fat, 1.1 grams of dietary fiber and a negligible amount of protein.  They are a good source of calcium, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E and also provide some magnesium, phosphorous, and potassium.  A high percentage of their fat content comes from monounsaturated fat which is known as a "healthy" fat.  

With a rich, robust, and salty flavor, Kalamata olives are a wonderful ingredient in artisan bread.  They are also delicious in salads or eaten all on their own.  


Ingredients: Organic Olives, Water, Sea Salt
8 gm/100 gm
pH:  Less than 3.8
Packaging:  Food Grade Plastic Pouches Encased in Corrugated Carton


Stored in a SQF Certified Facility
Suggested Storage:  It is recommended to store kalamata olives in cool, dry conditions. The shelf life, when stored under optimum conditions, is 2 years from the date of manufacture. 

Note: The specifications listed above are averages only.  For information on specific lots, please contact our sales department here.

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