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Aunt Patty's

Barley Malt Powder

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Item# 12029

Size: 6 / 9 Ounce

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Also known as dry malt extract, barley malt powder is made from sprouted barley grains. During the malting process, the grains are soaked in water to start germination. At a certain point, they are halted from germinating further through low heat drying. This low heat allows for the enzymes activated during the germination state to remain active. In the next step, the grains are mashed to extract the naturally occurring sugars, the largest percentage of which is maltose. The temperature used during the mashing step are high enough to deactivate the remaining enzymes making the barley malt become non-diastatic. Barley malt powder is a natural sweetener and flavoring. It is commonly used as an ingredient to make malted milk, malt candies, malt vinegar, icings and fillings, biscuits and other baked goods. Replace up to half of the sugar in a recipe with Aunt Patty's Barley Malt depending on your preference.

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