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Folding Wire Veil with Drawstring

Item# 19140

Size: 1 Each EA

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This is the most popular veil used for beekeeping. We highly recommend this one-size-fits-all veil for those beekeepers who don’t like wearing a full suit or jacket. This veil can conveniently be worn with jeans and a long sleeved shirt. It is light-weight, durable and keeps you cool.

This folding wire beekeeping veil fits our ventilated helmet (sold separately) and most rimmed hats. The middle face section is made from a light-colored rigid mesh material. Why the light color? We've found that other brands are hard to see through as they are a darker color. 

The top portion of the veil is made from a mesh netting. The elastic at the top of the hat hole prevents bees from crawling inside.

One of the other benefits of this folding wire beekeeping veil is that when not in use, you can fold the veil flat for ease of storage and transport. The hinged seams along the sides are strong and will last you throughout many seasons.

The bottom portion of the veil is also made from a mesh net material.  This provides for extra protection and coolness while working your bees.The extra netting along the bottom can be easily tucked into your shirt. Durable polyester drawstrings are attached to the very bottom of the veil. These extra-long strings should be wrapped around the body (under your shirt or jacket) and tied securely. This prevents the net from creeping up while you work your bees.

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