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Goat Skin Vented Leather Gloves

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If you are concerned about your hands or arms getting stung while working with your bees or if you already have gotten stung and know how much it smarts, we encourage you to try these gloves…from our experience they work very well.

The hand area is made from high quality, flexible goat skin. Right above the hand, there is approximately a one inch section of nylon mesh surrounding the wrist. The holes in the mesh are not large enough for bees to crawl through, Make sure to keep this area loose and not laying directly on your skin.

The vented area allows for air to flow through so that your hands and arms stay cool. It can get very warm while working your bees especially if you are completely suited up. The upper sleeves are made from a thick, durable canvas. The top of the sleeve is secured with elastic to keep the bees from crawling in. The sleeves normally pass to right above the elbow but could also come slightly below the elbow depending on the size of glove and how long your lower arms are.

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