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Grapeseed Oil

  • Non-GMONon-GMO image
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Grapeseed oil is becoming popular as an alternative to highly refined cooking oils. It is cold pressed and has a relatively high smoke point (420 degrees F). Grapeseed oil is high in antioxidants and is very beneficial to the skin, which also makes it popular as an ingredient in soaps, lotions, and other skin care products.

Ingredients: Expeller Pressed Refined Grapeseed Oil
Color: Greenish yellow to dark green
Aroma: Neutral flavor and aroma
Acid Value: ≤ 0.5 %
Origin: Spain, Italy


  • Non-GMO
  • Kosher
  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free
  • GloryBee is SQF Certified and this product is stored in an SQF Certified Facility
  • GloryBee is FSMA Compliant

Storage Recommendations

Product shelf life is dependent on storage conditions and is highly variable. Products should be stored under cool, dry conditions and in a humidity controlled environment, preferably in a refrigerator. Industry standard for product, when stored under optimum conditions, is 15 months from the date of manufacture.

Note: The attributes listed above are averages only. For information on specific lots, please request via our sales department.

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