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Ground Nutmeg

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Our ground nutmeg is freshly ground from the whole nutmeg fruit, ready to use in all of your recipes. Nutmeg is a versatile richly aromatic, sweet spice with note of bittersweet-woody aroma that adds flavor to baked goods, hot beverages, and desserts.


Ingredients:  Nutmeg
Moisture:  Less than or equal to 11.0%
Color: Medium reddish brown
Granulation: > 95.0 % thru USS #30 screen
Origin: India, Indonesia

Product Attributes

  • Non-GMO
  • Vegan
  • Kosher
  • GloryBee is SQF Certified and this product is stored in an SQF Certified Facility.
  • GloryBee is FSMA Compliant.

Suggested Storage

Product shelf life is dependent on storage conditions and is highly variable. Products should be stored under cool, dry conditions and in a humidity controlled environment. Industry standard for product, when stored under optimum conditions, is 24 months from the date of manufacture.

Note: The information listed above for moisture and size are averages only. For information on specific lots, please request via our sales department