Plastic Hive Stand

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194651 Each


Compared to other plastic hive stands on the market, we think you will find ours to be one of the least expensive but still of very high quality. Made of a rigid plastic, the stand is easily assembled by sliding each side together with grooves that are molded into the plastic (no tools are required for assembly). The fixed metal frame holders not only allow for a convenient space to hang your frames while inspecting your hive, but they also provide for stability of the stand. Your bee boxes sit on top of the lip on the inside upper edge of the stand with approximately an inch of plastic coming up on each of the long sides. The stand raises your hive to approximately 13.5" off the ground keeping it safe from small predators and making it easier for you to work with less bending. It is extremely durable and will last for multiple seasons.

For 10-frames hives, it measures 13.5" tall by 23.75" long by 18" wide (at the base).

How to Use a Hive Stand