Honey Harvesting Kit

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Are you a new hobbyist beekeeper and aren’t quite sure what tools you’ll need to harvest your honey? This is the kit for you!  Our Honey Harvesting Kit comes with all the extracting tools you need to get started including:

6 Gallon Pail with Gate – Also known as a “bottling bucket”, this heavy-duty white plastic pail features a plastic 1 1/2” honey gate.  The gate can be opened and closed smoothly allowing for honey to flow through into your bottles or containers.

Double Metal Honey Sieve – When honey flows out of your extractor, it will have pieces of beeswax, pollen and possibly even a few bee parts. Placing this stainless steel double sieve on top of the 6-gallon bottling bucket, you can strain honey removing unwanted items.

Stainless Steel Capping Scratcher – Used to perforate the caps of the sealed honeycomb.  Capping scratchers are very useful for getting to parts of the comb that the uncapping knife can’t reach. 

Cold Uncapping Knife – This economical knife was designed specifically for cutting through filled and sealed honeycomb. It features serrated edges on the blade along with a comfortable, easy-to-grip wooden handle.  Pro tip: For easier and smoother uncapping,  dip the knife in hot water in between cuts!

Cotton Cheesecloth - 3.5 YardsStrain your honey from your cappings with cheesecloth to eliminate unwanted substances from your harvest. 100% pure lint-free cotton. 3.5 Yards To get every last little drop of honey out of the cappings, you can either squeeze the cappings inside the cloth or you can wait for the cappings to drip from the cloth over a few days. Enough material for multiple extractions. 

Combcapper™ Uncapping Frame Holder – A very handy tool that rests on top of the 6-gallon bucket (also works with 5-gallon buckets).  It features a slot in the top which allows for a honey-filled frame to rest upon at an angle.  It makes for uncapping a frame very easy!