grocery sized honey

Honey for your Grocery Store

Fresh honey and honey treats perfect for retail and grocery stores are what you’ll find here. In this selection, we offer wholesale buying options for grocery-sized honey. This is the same amazing honey—sourced from beekeepers who are as passionate about bees as we are—that’s available in our bulk honey collection. Unlike our bulk honey buying options, which are generally delivered in standard buckets or pails, grocery-sized honey is neatly packaged in single units for resale purposes. From our online store to your local retail location, these delicious options are ready to be dispersed and devoured by your customers. More about GloryBee Wholesale and Industrial Offerings.

Grocery Sized Honey

  1. Simply Strained Honey Variety Pack
  2. Honey Syrup
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  3. The richly herbaceous, yet mildly earthy aroma carries organic floral sweetness with hints of toasted marshmallow flavor in every warm and sugary spoonful.

Add a generous dollop to your hot breakfast cereal or afternoon tea.
  4. >Enjoy the taste of honey freshly harvested from the hive! The sweet, delicate flavor and creamy texture of this truly RAW and LOCAL honey come from the nectar of a variety of Oregon flowers. Honeybees forage on blossoms of blackberries, clover, and other
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  5. Enjoy the sweet, delicate flavor of clover blossom honey. This pure, unfiltered honey is more than a natural sweetener, it’s a call to action for everyone to pitch in and help save the honey bee. GloryBee donates 10% of all sales of SAVE the BEE honey to
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