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The Pacific Northwest is a haven for natural foods. Not only for those who make a healthy diet part of their lifestyle, but countless companies who produce natural foods have their roots in our region. Our goal is to be the strongest ingredient partner possible for these manufacturers.

GloryBee Distribution CenterGlobal Reach

We recognize it’s important to offer ingredient prices and quality on par with large national providers. To do this we actively cultivate relationships with high quality farms and mills all over the globe, and import directly to keep our prices low.

Local Focus

We don’t strive to be the biggest ingredient supplier. We’re focused on being the best, most complete partner for the customers in our region.

Full Menu Offerings

At GloryBee, we don't offer just single ingredients, we offer full ingredient categories. We lead the Northwest in our ability to serve all of your ingredient needs from one vendor.

Here to Serve You

We deliver with our full service fleet throughout the Northwest. We have attentive and flexible customer service representatives that go the extra mile for your order. And if we don't have a particular ingredient you need, let us put our sourcing resources to work for you.

About our Industrial Ingredients

We believe in ingredients that will make products taste better and that is why our focus is on "all natural" and organic ingredients, which are "clean" in the way they are grown, handled and processed. Our goal is to be a key ingredient source for today's leading natural & organic food manufacturers.

Honey Totes

Through our years of manufacturing and sourcing, we are continually adding to our list of key ingredients for the industry. As the largest honey packer in the state of Oregon and with 38 years of history we know all about high quality standards. We are suited toward meeting your C of A requirements. As an Orthodox Union Kosher Facility most of our products are certified OU Kosher. In regards to Organic we are QAI certified as an organic handler and processor making our products fully acceptable to your organic certifier.

Our foundation is in honey, which for us began as GloryBee Honey in 1975. Since 1983, with the introduction of Aunt Patty's Molasses we started to build our line of "Aunt Patty's Natural Sweeteners". In 1989, we began to provide Aunt Patty's Herbs & Spices and today we bring a growing line of key imported ingredients to the marketplace.

Pallet WrapingThroughout we have been focused on quality and that has not only been maintained but we continue to raise the bar for ourselves to meet the growing demand for quality assurance. We are certified and approved by some of the top organizations in the country, this includes: AIB certified, OU Kosher certified and QAI organic. We have custom blending capabilities, which allow us to be creative in solving your raw material profile. We have a research department that is searching and traveling the world to source better ingredients for our customers.

We seek to do business on a relationship basis, requiring trust but also maintaining the highest standards of quality. We seek to make the world a better place and we feel through our relationships both locally and worldwide we have the opportunity to do so.

Spice & Ingredient Blending

GloryBee Foods Inc. offers you a complete service of custom spice and dry ingredient blending. From custom spice seasoning blends to pizza dough blends, we can handle any job. Our many certifications ensure that your product will be held to the highest quality standards possible. As a direct importer of an extensive line of spices and dry ingredients, we can also supply you with the ingredients you need at a very competitive price in large or smaller volumes. We are constantly adding new items to our list of industrial ingredients including a large line of organic ingredients. We look forward to your inquiries and questions and we look forward to serving your needs.