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Metal Dipping Vat 6" x 15"

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Size: 1 Each EA

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Making dipped candles is fun and easy using our galvanized metal dipping vat.  Manufactured in the USA, our metal dipping vat is durable, long-lasting and will stand up to years of multiple use!  It measures 15 inches tall by 6 inches in diameter and will hold up to 14 pounds of melted wax.  To melt your wax, we recommend to melt it slowly and gently by placing the vat in the top portion of a double boiler.  It is not recommended to place the vat over direct heat as wax is combustible if it gets too hot.   Use in conjunction with our taper dipping rack to make 6 dipped candles at one time.  Other equipment you will need to make dipped candles include the following:

  • Wax - we prefer beeswax, but it is completely up to you what type of wax to use.  If using beeswax, it won't require as many dips compared to using paraffin.  Beeswax normally takes about 7 to 10 dips whereas paraffin may require twice that many.  
  • Wicking - we recommend to start out trying #1/0 square braid wicking.  Remember to test burn and adjust the size of wicking as needed.  For general guidelines on selecting the proper wick size, click here.  
  • Thermometer - to monitor the temperature of the wax as it melts and as you are dipping.  When making dipped candles, it is very important to keep the wax at a consistent temperature.  A temperature of about 165 degrees F is recommended.
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