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Metal Tart Mold 3" Diameter

Item# 13485

Size: 1 Each EA

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Scented wax tarts are very popular and super easy to make!  Simply melt your wax, heat to desired pouring temperature, pour into the prepared mold (we recommend to spray with silicone spray for easy release), cool until completely hard, pop out of the mold and enjoy! Scented wax tarts are commonly used in the home in combination with a wax tart warmer.  The warmth of a light bulb on the bottom of the warming vessel gently melts the wax which allows for the fragrance to be released into the air.  We recommend to use soy wax to make scented wax tarts because it is a softer wax which makes it easier to melt.  It also doesn't have a fragrance to it so when you add an essential oil or fragrance oil, it won't be masked from the aroma of the wax.  Other pieces of equipment you will need to make wax tarts are:

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