Migratory Pine Bottom

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135041 Each EA


The bottom board is the foundation for your hive. A bottom board of any type is an essential piece of equipment as you can’t have a standard Langstroth hive without one.

The migratory pine bottom creates an opening for your bees to enter and exit. Our migratory pine bottom boards come with a 3/8” opening for bees to travel in and out.   They work best in climates that tend to be warmer with less rain. Commercial and sideliner beekeepers prefer them since their hives are always moving to the warmest regions of the country and generally don’t experience much rainy weather. The migratory pine bottoms are made from strong, sturdy pine with tongue and groove construction. Both of these characteristics provide for extra durability and prevent warping.

Our migratory pine bottom boards come unassembled with complete easy-to-follow instructions and nails. They do not include an entrance reducer but you can purchase one separately. 

Once assembled, we recommend to paint the outer edges to protect the wood from the weather. 

The migratory pine bottom measures 22.8125” long by 16.3125” wide and will fit a 10 frame hive.