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Organic Hulled Hemp Seeds


Also known as hemp hearts or hemp nuts, hemp seeds are the white inner meat or nut of the Cannabis sativa seed. Although they are derived from the same species of plant as the cannabis drug, they have much lower concentrations of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and higher concentrations of CBD (cannabidiol) both of which eliminate the psychoactive effects.  

Hemp seeds are packed with nutrition. As a matter of fact, they provide 64% of the Daily Value (DV) of protein per 100-gram serving. They are also a rich source of B Vitamins, the dietary minerals manganese, phosphorous, magnesium, zinc, iron and dietary fiber. In food manufacturing, hemp seeds are used in a wide variety of applications including bars, cereals, granola, smoothies, baked goods, and salads.  


Moisture: Less than or equal to 10% 
Free Fatty Acids: Less than or equal to 2% 
Peroxide Value: Less than or equal to 9.0 meq/kg 
THC Content: Less than 10 ppm 


  • Organic 
  • Non-GMO 
  • Vegan 
  • Kosher 


The product shelf life of hemp seeds is dependent on storage conditions and is highly variable. It is to store them under cool, dry conditions in a humidity-controlled environment. The industry standard for shelf life, when stored under optimum conditions, is 24 months from the date of manufacture.  

Note: The specifications listed above are averages only. For specific information, please contact our sales department here