Pine Top

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142701 Each EA


A migratory top is considered the most traditional of all hive tops. They work best in areas or seasons that aren’t very wet and rainy.

These pine tops are the preferred top for migratory beekeepers since their hives are always moving to the warmest regions of the country and generally don’t experience much rainy weather. The only pitfall to using these tops is that they can tend to get soggy or warped when used in consistently rainy and wet weather. Painting with a high quality white latex paint help with this issue. We strongly recommend painting the pine top to protect the wood from the weather.

Our unassembled migratory tops feature cleats on the front and back which allows for you to easily slide the lid to the left or right with less disruption to your colony of bees. It is placed on top of the hive with the cleats facing up.

Made from a strong, sturdy pine, our pine tops come unassembled with complete easy-to-follow instructions and nails. 

Our pine tops measure 21.875” long by 16.25” wide and will only fit on a 10 frame hive.