Pitted Deglet Noor Dates

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Deglet Noor dates are a variety commonly grown in California. They are a medium-sized, light amber colored date with a firm but tender flesh and excellent, mild, sweet flavor. They contain approximately 75 to 80% natural sugar and are also a good source of dietary potassium. They contain protein, dietary fiber and trace vitamins and minerals including boron, magnesium, manganese, and zinc. Eaten by the handful, fancy Medjool dates are a wonderful natural sweet alternative to sugary snacks. They also work well in both savory and sweet dishes or stuffed with other ingredients such as almonds and/or cream cheese.

Date fruit is grown on a type of palm tree commonly known as the date palm. They have been a staple food for the people of the Middle East and Indus Valley for thousands of years.  As a matter of fact, fossil records show that date palm has existed for at least 50 million years.


Moisture:  19 - 21.5%


  • Kosher
  • Vegan
  • Naturally Non-GMO
  • Stored in a SQF Certified Facility
  • GloryBee is FSMA Compliant


This product is best stored refrigerated at 40-45 degrees F. Storage conditions should be clean, free from infestation and away from strong odors.  The shelf life is 1 year from date of manufacture if stored at 45 degrees F. 
Note: The specifications listed above are averages only. For information on specific lots, please request via our sales department.