Pre-wired Wood Frames 9 1/8"

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2026520 Each


Wooden frames with wired foundation is the preferred combination of frames & foundation for traditional beekeepers. However, due to how time-consuming and laborious it can be to install and wire 100% beeswax foundation onto wooden frames, this combination has grown less popular over the years as new, more efficient forms of frames and foundation have been developed.

From our experience, it's not only more natural but also much easier to get a newly installed package of bees going on 100% pure beeswax foundation. Since it's produced by them, bees prefer 100% pure beeswax foundation over any other type. Now there's a way to have the best of both worlds by using our pre-wired wooden frames!

Pre-Wired Wood Frame Features

  • High quality, pre-assembled wooden wedged top bar, grooved bottom bar frames
  • Pre-wired horizontally with stainless steel wire
  • Use with 100% pure beeswax 8 1/2" crimp wired foundation with hooks
  • Bees will draw foundation out faster with more uniformity and few irregularities such as bridge comb

Instructional Video


Wired wax foundation can vary in height depending on manufacturer. Slight modification may be necessary.

In order to assure that the wired wax foundation lays flat, it may be necessary to trim the bottom tips of the wire. Using cutting pliers snip off the length necessary on all wires. Then trim wax to correct length.