Queen Cell Bar Frame, 9 1/8"

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If you are rearing your own queens, our 9 1/8" queen cell bar frame is a must-have piece of equipment. Made of sturdy pine, it features three removable grooved bars that allow for you to easily attach your queen cell cups and graft queens. We recommend to use this in combination with our wax queen cell cups. To use, securely attach the wax cell cups to the bar using melted beeswax. It is important that the cups are securely attached so that they don't fall off the bar during the grafting or queen development process. We recommend to use a turkey baster and a pot of warm beeswax to adhere the wax cell cups to the bar. Once the cells are securely attached, you can then graft your queens into the cups and place the prepared frame into your queen cell building box. Our 5-frame nuc box works great as a queen cell building box. The queen cell bar frame comes assembled and ready to use.