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Route Sales

GloryBee Route Sales

GloryBee will be Closed on Tuesday December 24th, Wednesday December 25th, and Wednesday January 1st in celebration of the holiday season. Please ask a GloryBee customer service representative how this will impact your deadline and delivery schedule.

We deliver orders using our own fleet of BioDiesel-fueled trucks whenever possible. Our delivery vehicles serve most areas along the I-5 corridor from Southern Oregon to Seattle, as well as central Oregon and the Oregon coast. Free delivery is available provided you are within our delivery area and meet our delivery minimums. For customers who order frequently and can easily receive shipments, route sales offers convenience and saves fuel. Accounts must qualify for minimum yearly sales for consideration on our GloryBee Trucking Fleet.

To set up a wholesale route account with us, please contact a GloryBee Distribution Sales Account Representative today. To expedite the process, you can also apply for an account and we will contact you to complete your account set-up.

Requirements for Route Delivery

1. Credit approval is required prior to setting up an account. This requires completing a GloryBee Foods Credit application.

2. If your delivery location is outside our established route area, special delivery arrangements need to be discussed prior to opening a GloryBee Foods account.

3. Delivery location must be on a paved road with weight limits that can accommodate a 4-axle truck and trailer. No dead end, turnaround type streets or stops deemed unsafe.

4. Be aware that in certain locations, GloryBee may need to make late evening or early morning deliveries. This will be determined when the account is set up.

5. All LTL (Less-Than-Truckload Freight) placed by close of business day, will ship the following business day. For orders outside the Pacific Northwest, please allow an extra day. If you have specific document requirements, additional lead time may be required.

6. Account must qualify for minimum yearly sales for consideration on our GloryBee Trucking Fleet.

Route Terms:

Please contact your sales representative for delivery dates and cutoff times. GloryBee will be closed for all major holidays - contact our sales department for more information at 1-800-456-7923.

Delivery Via GloryBee Truck

Minimums good from July 1, 2019 through March 31, 2020


Order Minimum for Free Delivery

Washington (I-5 Corridor to S. of Everett) $650.00
Washington (Peninsula & Everett North) $675.00
Washington ( Eastern WA & Boise) $675.00
Portland Oregon $600.00
Southern Oregon $575.00
Mid Valley Oregon $575.00
Central Oregon $550.00
Oregon Coast $475.00
Eugene Oregon $400.00


Delivery Via Third Party Carrier

Minimums good from October 1, 2019 through March 31, 2020


Minimum for Free Delivery

Oregon $600.00
Washington $675.00
California $1,000.00
Idaho West $700.00
Idaho East $1,600.00
Utah $1,600.00
Colorado $1,600.00
Nevada $1,600.00
Montana $1,600.00
Arizona $2,100.00
Wyoming $2,300.00
New Mexico $2,300.00


Disclaimer: Minimums outlined are to be used as a guide. Service fees and unknown variables about specific deliveries will alter minimums or require additional fees to be applied. For inquiries about your specific account you will need to call a GloryBee Sales Representative to finalize your deadline, order minimum, and delivery schedule. This offer does not apply to items that must ship via expedited methods such as Royal Jelly.