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Stainless Steel Honey Gate 1 1/2"

Item# 19201

Size: 1 Each EA

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Our stainless steel honey gate is a customer favorite!  Made of durable, food-grade stainless steel, it is sure to last for years and years!  With a 1 1/2" opening, it is also the perfect size for the honey flow.

To attach to a pail or drum, use a hole saw and drill a 1 3/4 inch" hole near the bottom of the pail or drum. You can then use a Dremel or sandpaper to enlarge the hole to the 1 7/8" opening. Go slowly as it's easier to make a hole bigger, but impossible to make it smaller. To install, simply unscrew the gasket from the gate, insert the gate into the pre-drilled hole and screw the gasket back on.  To ensure the honey doesn't leak, there is a black, rubber food-grade o-ring attached to the gate on the inside of the threads.  This creates a barrier between the pail and the gate.  The gate is very simple smooth to open and shut with the small handle and thumbscrew.  When not in use, you can seal the honey inside the pail or drum by tightening the attached thumbscrew.  

Measures 1.5" tall by 4.5" wide (from screw to end of the handle).  Thread pitch measures 3.083 mm.

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