Bee Pollen

  1. Harvested in the rugged and mountainous Galician region of northwest Spain, this pollen has a sweet taste with a soft crunch. Nearly all of the hives are located 2200 feet above sea level where the bees visit plants such as oak, heather, sweet chestnut, r
  2. Wildflower pollen is collected at specific times of the year from bees visiting wildflowers. We then take these pollen grains and grind them into a fine powder to make it easier to integrate into foods and beverages.  We work with beekeepers to ensure tha
  3. Harvested in the rugged northwest corner of Iberian Peninsula, these high mountain bees visit a variety of plants such as chestnut, heather, and oak. This organic bee pollen has a sweet taste with a soft crunch, but in our opinion, the best part is that
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