Sustainability at GloryBee

GloryBee Sustainability

Monitoring our actions today in support of a sustainable future.

GloryBee Sustainability

Balancing Purpose & Profit

GloryBee is committed to ensuring our business operates with purpose and makes a significant impact in our community and our industry.

Maintaining our B Corp certification challenges us to improve our business practices and decision making in order to continually consider how we are inspiring our employees, mitigating our environmental impacts, and being a force for good in our community.

Highlights from our 2020 Sustainability Report: Our People: Women and minorities make up 50% of our company leaders. Our Products: We surpassed our goal of more than half of our total sales being organic products. Our Planet: Our energy use per pound of product produced decreased by 3%. Read our Sustainability Report

Sustainability By The Numbers

  • 79%

    Percent of our total waste diverted from landfills in 2019.

  • 6.2 Years

    The average tenure of GloryBee employees.

  • 72,000 Lbs

    Food donated to local food banks and homeless shelters in 2019.

  • 96%

    Score on our Safe Quality Food audit in 2019.

  • 52,782 Miles

    Reduction in delivery routes after consolidation in 2019.