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Telescoping Top with Metal Cover

Item# 15504

Size: 1 Each EA

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If you live in the Pacific Northwest or other similarly rainy region, we urge you to give this hive top a try. From our experience, it works the best for protecting your bees from harsh winter and spring weather. It is considered the traditional hive cover for non-migratory beekeepers.

The base of this hive top is made from sturdy, strong pine. The heavy-duty metal cover is made from 26 gauge galvanized steel. The sides of this top extend down the sides of your hive by approximately 1.5”. These extended “eaves” allow for extra protection from the rain. It would be very difficult for rain to get up and under this hive top.This hive top does need to be used in combination with an inner cover. This combination prevents comb and propolis build-up between the top of the frames and top of the hive. It also allows for easier inspections with less disruptions to the rest of the hive.

We do recommend to keep a stone or brick on top of this cover to make sure heavy wind does not blow it off.

This top comes unassembled with complete instructions and nails. We recommend to paint the wooden outer edge of the base. It measures 22” long by 18.5” wide. It will only fit on top of a 10-frame hive.

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