Unassembled 8-Frame Cedar 6 5/8" Super

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We used a computer controlled router to precision craft this 8 frame honey super from kiln-dried western cedar. In addition we've pre-drilled holes for easy assembly.

Kiln dried cedar ensures consistent moisture levels which minimizes warping and cracking and creates a strong and sturdy box that will last for years to come. Because cedar contains natural tannins that protect from rot and decay, these honey supers can last at least twice as long as supers made from other softwoods.

8 Frame Cedar Honey Super Features 
  • CNC milled finger joints for a precision fit with no wiggle.
  • Pre-drilled holes for easy assembly – simply use the included screws
  • Ergonomic angled hand holds make it easier to grip heavy boxes
  • Sourced from sustainably harvested forests in North America
  • Manufactured in the USA
Also known as a western or honey super, the 6 5/8" supers are the boxes used for the upper stories of the beehive.  This is where the bees will store their extra honey.  We recommend using this size of box for honey storage instead of the 9 5/8" size as they are easier to lift when full.  

Unlike other softwoods, cedar bee hives can be left unpainted to weather naturally over time acquiring a beautiful rich grey patina.  Alternatively, they can be sealed with a coat of pure Tung or other food safe oil to preserve their natural reddish color.  

Each super includes 2 short sides and 2 long sides and come unassembled (screws included). When assembled, each super measures 14" wide x 19 7/8" long x 6 5/8" tall and fit on an 8-frame hive.  Use 6 1/4" frames and 5 5/8" foundation with this size of box.