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Organic Wheat Germ

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A grain of wheat is comprised of 3 components which include the bran, the endosperm and the germ. Comprising of only about 2.5% of the total weight of a kernel, the germ is the nutritious heart of the wheat berry. Containing fiber, protein and complex carbohydrates, it is known to provide a multitude of health benefits including boosting the immune system, aiding in digestion, and as a preventative ingredient against cardiovascular disease and cancer. It is also known to have anti-aging properties in that it is known to positively affect mental agility, muscle development, stamina and healing rate of wounds. A good source of folate, vitamin E and thiamin, it is commonly added to bread recipes, cereals and smoothies to increase their nutritional values.  

Protein: N/A
Ash: N/A
Blend: 100% Organic Raw Wheat Germ

Storage Recommendations

Product shelf life is dependent upon storage conditions and is highly variable. Product should be stored under cool, dry, dark conditions in a humidity controlled environment. Industry standard for product shelf life, when stored under optimal conditions, is 100 days from date of manufacture.


  • Organic
  • Kosher (Orthodox Union)
  • Stored in an AIB Superior Rated Facility

Note: The information listed above about protein and ash content are averages only. They may change from year to year depending on growing conditions of the wheat. For the most up to date information, please contact our sales department by clicking here.