Wood Wedged Top Bar

Item #SizePrice
15843100 Each Case


If you need additional frame parts and not the whole frame, we sell each part of the frame separately in bundles of 100.

Our wedged top bars are made from commercial grade strong, sturdy pine.  They come with a small horizontal piece of wood (“the wedge”) attached to the top bar.  It can be pried off and nailed back on once the foundation hooks are placed.  This wedge is the piece that holds the foundation securely to the top bar of the frame.   An extra benefit of wedged top bars is that they are easy to clean when replacing comb.  To clean, we recommend to use a frame cleaning tool 

These wood wedged bottom bars measure 19” long by 1.125” wide and can be used with either our 9 1/8” end bars, 6 ¼” end bars and/or our grooved bottom bars.  They do not need to be painted as they are used inside the hive.  

They accommodate any type of foundation.