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Wooden Shim

Item# 19486

Size: 1 Each

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You can use our wooden beekeeping shims in multiple different applications.

One use is to provide upper entrances/exits from the upper honey supers during the honey flow. To use for this purpose, place the shim above the queen excluder and below the bottom honey super. There are two 1" vent holes on each of the short sides that allow for the bees to go in and out. Providing these extra entrances allows for less congestion in the brood boxes which makes it less likely for the bees to swarm. It is recommended to only place a wooden beekeeping shim on the hive when the honey super frames have been completely drawn out and also to remove them as soon as the honey supers are filled. If left on the hive too long, the bees will build burr comb in the space from the bottom of the shim to the bottom of the honey super.

Another handy use for a wooden beekeeping shim is to create extra space for feeding pollen patties or to apply medication. By placing the shim in between the inner cover and telescoping top, you create a 1 3/4" space where you can either place feed patties or different types of medication such as Api Life Var. Without this extra space, the patties or medication can create a gap between the top brood box and inner cover causing cold air and moisture to get into the hive.

Made of sturdy pine, these come unassembled with pre-drilled screw holes (screws included) and are 10-frame size. 

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