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Aunt Patty sources her orangutan safe Organic Red Palm Oil from Northwest Ecuador and ensures no rainforests or animal habitats are harmed during farming or harvest.

This earthy, robust-flavored, nutrient rich, oil is perfect...


Our regionally-sourced wildflower honey has a rich, floral flavor that varies from season to season. This dark honey is preferred by professional bakers for the flavor and aroma it brings to recipes.

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With it's neutral flavor and high stability, Expeller Pressed High Oleic Safflower Oil is an ideal vegetable oil for cooking. Up to 15% off (#12167 and #12165) for April!


We are proud to share with you our 2012 Sustainability Report! Each year we strive to make even better decisions for our environment, so here is a overview of what we accomplished in 2012.

GloryBee donates 1% to Save the Bee and Healthy Living

GloryBee is committed to saving the bee. One percent of retail sales from our Honey, HoneyStix and Beekeeping go directly towards bee research. Click to learn more about how our history and values inspire us to give back.