Soap Candle Making
Wholesale bath and body supplies for soap makers, candle makers, artisans, and more. Bulk Beeswax, soap bases, candle and soap molds, skincare additives and more...More about GloryBee Wholesale and Industiral Offerings

Soap & Candle Making

  1. Votive wick pins, used to create a wick hole in metal votive use one per cavity, reusable.
  2. This pure, 100% natural soybean-based wax is enhanced with carefully selected botanical oils. An incredible wax that is biodegradable, environmentally friendly, and easy to use. Only one pour is necessary, resulting in a level surface. (Larger pillar cand
  3. Natural blue poppy seeds for adding to soaps and scrubs as a gentle exfoliant. Food grade.
  4. Xanthan gum resin is a natural thickening or gelling agent for bath gels and other cosmetics. Food grade. 5 lb.
  5. Holds wick securely, use with molds with no wick holes or for container type candles.
  6. White lip balm tube with lid. Screw-up base. 2"H x 1/2" dia., .15 oz (4 grams)
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