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Sustainability at GloryBee

GloryBee Sustainability

Healthy Living for a Sustainable Future. Learn about our sustainability efforts.

GloryBee Sustainability

BEEing The Change

At GloryBee sustainability means people, planet, and prosperity.

Our purpose for doing business is to impact the world with positive change. Our 2016 Sustainability Report is our way of sharing that purpose with you. By tracking key data, we’re able to evaluate our sustainable performances each year. The numbers aren’t always what we would like them to be, but they’re a roadmap to help us become the change we seek in the world. 

Highlights from our 2016 Sustainability Report: People: Over half of employees at GloryBee receive professional development training. Planet: 303,682 lbs. were delivered by bike in 2016! Prosperity: We were able to donate over $300,000 in product and charitable donations. Read our Sustainability Report

Sustainability By The Numbers

  • 49%

    49% of our food products are Organic — a 29% increase over 2015. Organic foods are free from pesticide and antibiotic residue.

  • -5.2%

    Water use at GloryBee decreased for the third year running . Managers are notified if water bills are unusually high for the season, and they solicit help from their teams to help reduce usage.

  • 303,682 Lbs

    GloryBee transported 303,682 lbs of products via cargo bike in 2016. Transporting by cargo bike means less traffic and air pollution for our customers.

  • 428 Tons

    In 2016, 79% of waste was recycled at GloryBee. We diverted 428 tons of waste from landfills.

  • 9.4%

    We generated 9.4% of our energy via solar power.